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  • 2. The relationship of international humanitarian law and territorial sovereignty with the legal regulation of outer space


    1. The Applicability of the United Nations Space Treaties during Armed Conflict

    2. On the applicability of international humanitarian law in outer space

    3. Practical Application of Jus in Bello and Jus ad Bellum to the Legal Regulation of Outer Space Environment

    4. Avoiding Legal Black Holes: International Humanitarian Law Applied to Conflicts in Outer Space

    5. Space law and the jus ad bellum: relevance of the notions of aggression and selfdefence in outer space

    6. The development of space weapons in the framework of International Humanitarian Law

    7. The Scope of Applying the Principle of the Military Objective to a Space Object in Armed Conflict

    8. Extending the international law principle of good neighborliness to outer space FADAHUNSI-BANJO MOTOLANI DEBORAH

    9. Environmental Protection as a Limitation to the Use of Force in Outer Space

    10. Humanitarian Law Implemented: Space Communication in the Service of International Humanitarian Law

    11. A line to be crossed: harmful interference as a breach of space and general international law

    12. The applicability of the right to self-defence to the area of exploration and exploitation of outer space

    13. Cybersecurity in the Space Age