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  • 3. Small Satellite Operations


    1. Small satellite regulation - WRC-15 outcome and results of the ITU-R WP7B studies during 2012-2015 period

    2. New Space Operations in the Internet of Things Era - Anywhere, Anytime, Anything!

    3. Fully Automated Mission Planning and Capacity Analysis Tool for the DEIMOS-2 Agile Satellite

    4. A Comparison of Scheduling Algorithms for Low Cost Ground Station Networks

    5. Ulises 1, an unusual satellite - doing everything differently

    6. Buy vs. Make Tradeoffs for Educational CubeSats

    7. CubeSat ground station module: Transmitting, receiving and displaying CubeSat data through a web-based graphical user interface

    8. Solution for a ground station network providing a high bandwidth and high accessibility data link for nano- and microsatellites.

    9. Multi-satellite On-board Behaviour Planning using Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

    10. NANOBED-MX international collaboration for nanosatellites: a real-time surveillance mission case study

    11. Mastering Operational Limitations of LEO Satellites - The GOMX3 Approach

    12. Doing Forensic on DTUsat-2 Using the Beacon Counter

    13. What UKube-1 operations taught us