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  • 1. 8th Nandasiri Jasentuliyana Keynote Lecture on Space Law and Young Scholars Session


    1. KEYNOTE: Space law and diplomacy

    2. Article III of Outer Space Treaty and its Relevance in the International Space Legal Framework.

    3. The impact of national space legislation on the interpretation of international principles of global cooperation

    4. Legal issues of a Moon-village: from the application of current space law to the new challenges of international cooperation

    5. Big Data from Space - Legal issues related to access and dissemination of large volumes of space-generated data

    6. Capacity-building of the international legal framework for mitigating consequences from non-operational small satellites: advancing space law towards NewSpace paradigm

    7. Scarcity in Space: The Spectrum/Orbit Trading Solution (?)

    8. Alternative dispute resolution in the field of satellite communications

    9. The Public Service Exemption in the Space Protocol in light of that found in the Luxembourg Protocol

    10. International Trade in Launch Services under the WTO Regime

    11. Innovative Contracts for Innovative Space: “Best Efforts” and the Emergence of Environmental Sustainability Provisions in Space Industry Contracts

    12. International Cooperation in Space Activities in Europe, the Ariane 6 project example

    13. The possible liability of the State which does not fall within the concept of the launching State

    14. Planetary defence and collateral damage