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  • 4. Legal Challenges Represented by Large Satellite Infrastructures and Constellations


    1. Ensuring sustainability of technology and the law

    2. NON-GSO FSS satellite systems – Tomorrow challenges for the ITU Radio Regulations

    3. the development and regulation of small satellites

    4. the necessity and feasibility of legal and regulatory frameworks for small satellites governance

    5. Bringing into use of frequency assignments for non-GSO constellations: new regulatory framework required

    6. Black Market Launches of Small Satellites: A new Challenge for the Space Law Regime

    7. Evolving operator “duty of care” for large satellite constellations

    8. Dealing with the Regulatory Vacuum in LEO: New Insurance Solutions for Small Satellites Constellations

    9. Legal Challenge ahead: How to avoid "Small Sat Wars"?

    10. Responsive, on-demand small satellite constellation launches from the stratosphere: an opportunity for the European lawmaker

    11. The Legal Dimensions of Cyber-conflict with regard to Large Satellite Infrastructures and Constellations

    12. Reimagining national regulatory approaches to third party liability insurance: Towards a single aggregated policy

    . Conflict of laws in International Space Law: amalgamating international with civil liability