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  • 5. Current Developments in Space Law with Particular Consideration for Latin America


    1. Space Law as a source of international cooperation

    2. one space, one goal, one university.

    3. the convention on registration of objects launched into outer space and its implementation in Colombia’s national legal system

    4. Common Elements in the Latin American Mechanisms in Cooperation in the Peaceful Exploration and Use of Outer Space

    5. The development of space technology and international cooperation. Case study: Argentina and China

    6. Recent brazilian initiatives to address legal gaps and barriers that affect the development of the national space industry

    7. The proposal of a Public -Private Partnerships as an element of evolution of space law in Colombia

    8. Privatisation of PSLV: What the Law of Outer Space Demands?

    9. The Second African National Space Law: The Nigerian NASRDA Act and the Draft Regulations on Licensing and Supervision

    10. UNGA Resolution 70/27 ‘No first placement of weapons in space': a positive contribution to prevent an arms race in outer space?

    11. the international space soft law and its roles in international space governance

    12. Latin American Space Activities in the 21st Century: To What Musical Beat, Samba or Salsa?