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  • 7. Microgravity Sciences Onboard the ISS and Beyond


    1. Theoretical Model for Plant Growth Simulation on Moon

    2. Investigation of Growth of Ten Selected Plants Under Simulated Microgravity

    3. osteoprotective effects of osthole in hindlimb suspension rat model

    4. circulating miRNAs as potential biomarkers for skeletal muscle atrophy

    5. The intestinal microbiota contributes to colonic epithelial changes in simulated microgravity mouse model

    6. Effects of simulated microgravity on the expression of P-gp and its related proteins

    7. shaken not stirred: comparative studies using 2D-clinostat and random positioning machine

    8. Microgravity Research Applications in Life Sciences Using Clinostat

    9. Current Trends in High Throughput Methods for In-Situ Space Research