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  • 2. Integrated Applications End-to-End Solutions


    1. Global Freshwater - Hazard Pollution Monitoring (GF-HPM) for real-tirne Contamination Detection

    2. Feasibility and Demonstration of Satellite-based Functions for the European Rail Traffic Management Systems – User Needs, Results, and Lessons Learned

    3. HAVOC – High Altitude Vehicle Observations Constellation: An Innovative Approach to Guarding Frontiers

    4. How can Sentinel-2 images assist humanitarian actions to help reduce calamities on the sea?

    5. The Importance Of Space-borne Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast(ADS-B) Monitoring

    6. SAFIY: Feature Extraction using High Resolution Satellite Imagery for the United Arab Emirates

    7. Drones for Remote Sensing: Analysis of Current and Future Applications

    8. From Sensors to Solutions

    9. How can innovation hubs advance market growth for satellite based applications?

    10. Challenges and Lesson Learned of the Implementation of Space Application in Local Authorities

    11. Geospatial Database for Natural Resources Management in the State of Karnataka, India B. P. Lakshmikantha, D.K. Prabhuraj & K. Ashoka Reddy Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre, Maj. Sandeep Unnikrishnan Rd, D.bettahalli,

    12. data exchange satellite constellation, an interpersonal and m2m communication solution provider, our slogan is we are always online