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  • Actual use of Differential Drag for Formation Flying

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    Mr. Meidad Pariente, United Kingdom, Sky and Space Global (UK) Ltd


    Mrs. Maya Glickman-Pariente, United Kingdom, Sky and Space Global (UK) Ltd



    Sky and Space Global (SAS) is a new space company that aim to improve the lives of three billion people in three years, by providing Affordable narrowband communication services to the equatorial region.
    After the successful commissioning of the world’s smallest communication satellites (the Three Diamonds), and performing some ”World First”, the company now is moving full speed ahead for a constellation of about 200 nanosatellites.
    The Three diamonds (Red, Green and Blue), launched June 2016, are a 3-U nanosatellites with no propulsion onboard, yet are used as a commercial demonstration satellites which require specific relative distance between them.
    Through the use of differential drag principles, and day-to-day maintenance, the operation center of SAS managed to build a stable long term propulsionless formation
    The presentation will share the strategic devised and lessoned learned from such actions
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