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  • IP. Interactive Presentations - 29th IAA SYMPOSIUM ON SPACE AND SOCIETY


    1. Funding NASA: Examining the effect of informational frames on public opinion on space exploration spending by the federal government.

    2. Shape Morphing Crew Quarter

    3. Construction of a Martian Habitat Using In-Situ Materials For Radiation Shielding

    4. analogue habitation experiment and euromoonmars2018 campaign

    5. Bubbles on Mars: 360° play and performance on EVA.

    6. Integrating Three Disciplinary Perspectives in an Iterative Design Process for the Surface Habitat of the First Human Mission to Mars

    7. Reference Earth: A biophilic intervention in space

    8. Cosmic Sensations: Understanding Space Actors, Society and Law Through Perceptions Of ‘Space’

    9. The Space Option Concept – The Urgency of Expanding the Human Arena

    10. Artronauts, astronauts, alchemnauts and play: highlighting the importance of art and human interactions in Space missions

    11. Cosmic Dancer 2.0 on the International Space Station

    12. SPAC3: when the world of space meets that of art

    13. ISSS – Indonesia’s First Space Science Society

    14. photobioreactor façade system for self-sustainable Moon surface habitat