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  • Teams in Extreme Environments: Exploring Coping and Stress (TE3AMS) – Study Motivation and Initial Results

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    Dr. Jelena Brcic, Canada, University of British Columbia


    Dr. Peter Suedfeld, Canada, University of British Columbia


    Dr. Phyllis J. Johnson, Canada, University of British Columbia



    The overall aim of the TE3AMS project is to understand how individual variability in coping strategies, universal values, and perception of control influences team level constructs such as work autonomy, team perspective, and team resilience at an analogue site, Eureka High Arctic Weather Station, Canada (80˚00’N, 85˚56’W). Importantly, we are replicating at the analogue site measures developed for ISS (AHIS – At Home in Space Study), which will allow us to examine cross-environmental reliability and compare the effects of space and analogue environments on mission members. In addition to describing the importance of the study, we will discuss initial stress and coping results from the majority of the sample as assessed prior to mission start. Preliminary analyses suggest that using humour, actively seeking a solution to problems, and asking for tangible support and aid from others may be important coping strategies in this group. Furthermore, subjects with previous experience at the weather station reported lower levels of stress prior to the mission compared to those who did not have any experience at Eureka.
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