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  • 4. Medicine in Space and Extreme Environments


    1. Mars Medics Analog Astronaut Mission during austere I.C.E (Isolated and Confinement Environment) – Nepal Scenario

    2. Analyzing Countermeasure Effectiveness Utilizing Big Data Analytics for Space Medicine Decision Support: A Case Study

    3. Policy Research Considerations for the Selection and Use of Analogs

    4. Policy and Coordination between Medical Operations & Behavioral Research

    5. Supplementing Virtual Reality Tools for Empathy, Authentic Relations, and Conflict Resolution for Analog Astronauts Living in Isolated, Confined, and Extreme (ICE) Environments

    6. Examining Effects of Cosmic Radiation on the Activity of HIV-1 Latency Reversal Using Cubesat Payloads

    7. Citizen-Scientist Astronaut Candidate Experiences with Wilderness, Space and Extreme Environment Medicine and Field Protocols for a Medical Lay-Audience

    8. Simulation-based training with exponential technologies to maintain health and wellness for analog astronauts living in ICE and viability in austere environments

    9. Emergent Surgery on Deep Space Missions: A Curricular Model for Procedural Training, Practice, and Real-Time Guidance

    10. The Brain in Deep Space: Identifying "Potential" Synergistic Risks of Space Radiation, Isolation & Confinement, and Altered Gravity to Behavior and Performance

    11. Effects of Lower-Body Negative Pressure (LBNP) on Fluid Distribution during Gravitational Unloading

    12. Review of Potential Exacerbating Factors for Spaceflight-Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome (SANS) and Exploration of Mitigation Strategies

    13. future studies of the role of immune status in regeneration of skin covering of space missions crewmembers

    14. MYOTONES | Inflight muscle health status monitoring during long-duration space missions onboard the International Space Station: a single case study

    15. MIRA - A medical Paradigm Shift to Cancer Treatment baned on a Pulsed Plasma Propulsion System