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  • 7. Life Support, habitats and EVA Systems


    1. NASA Advanced Explorations Systems: 2019 Advancements in Life Support Systems

    2. The way of indigenous peoples - 3D printing sustainable lunar bases from in-situ resources

    3. PBR@LSR: the Algae-based Photobioreactor Experiment at the ISS – Operations Phase

    4. Media Recycling Sensor Development for Photobioreactors

    5. Greenhouse design concepts for moon and Mars

    6. Lunar Dust Mitigation and Control: Air Lock Methods to/from Living Space; Rotating and Reciprocal Machine Longevity; Safe Duration of Exposure a Metric Sought

    7. Water Walls Overview

    8. Development of an Environmental Control and Life Support System for Deep Space and Commercial Vehicles

    9. Modeling and simulating a regenerative life support system to understand the effects of system interaction on survivability during deep space missions: an agent-based approach

    10. Methods of the spacesuits mobility improvement

    11. Development of a Six-Fluid Environmental Control and Life Support System Model for Human Spaceflight Applications

    12. Microbial dynamics in the confined EDEN-ISS greenhouse in Antarctica

    13. Evaluation of an alternative solution for water microbial monitoring of fecal contaminants from water in the International Space Station

    14. 3D Printing Recyclable Spacewear on Mars: Equivalent System Mass tradeoff with traditional techniques

    15. Biorefinery concept for long term space mission

    16. Profiling lunar dust dissolution in aqueous environments: The design concept

    17. Production of highly nutritious vegetables for lunar exploration

    . Hygiene water processing aboard a prospective space station

    . Moon base life support design depends on launch cost, crew size, and mission duration