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  • 2C. Moon Exploration – Part 3


    1. The International Lunar Decade: A Framework for Multinational Collaboration in Lunar Exploration and Development

    2. 4 Moon Missions: ILOA Looking Forward 2020 / October 2019 Update

    3. Lunar analogue facilities development at EAC: status of the LUNA project

    4. Modeling Long Term Deposition of Ice in Lunar Permanently Shadowed Regions (PSRs) for the Purposes of Resource Prospecting

    5. Lunar Navigation Beacon Network using Global Navigation Satellite System Receivers

    6. LUnar Volatiles Mobile Instrumentation (LUVMI) Project's Results

    7. A Canadian Science Maturation Study for a Lunar Sample Return Rover to Schrödinger Basin as part of the HERACLES Mission Concept

    8. Development of Key Technologies Enabling the Value Chain of Space Resources Utilisation

    9. EuroMoonMars IMA HI-SEAS 2019 Campaign: An Engineering Perspective on a Moon Base

    10. Malapert Mountain: An Ideal Staging Point for Lunar South Pole Exploration

    11. How to Live Sustainably on the Moon