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  • 4 Moon Missions: ILOA Looking Forward 2020 / October 2019 Update

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    Mr. Steve Durst, United States, International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA)


    Dr. Yuki Takahashi, United States, ILOA


    Mr. Joseph Sulla, United States, ILOA



    International Lunar Observatory Association is making tangible progress on all 4 of its missions with the vision of advancing observation and communication from our Moon.  The ILO-1 flagship mission to the Moon South Pole is gathering potential contributions and investments via the ILOA Southeast Asia Benefactors Reception in February 2019 and Feb 2020 in collaboration with the Singapore Space and Technology Association, Moon Express, and Canadensys Aerospace Corporation.  The precursor ILO-X is preparing for flight with Canadensys completing final testing of the omni-directional imager instrument for lunar surface operation including potential lunar night survival.  ILO-X was submitted as a possible payload in response to NASA Lunar Surface Instrument and Technology Payloads program.  ILOA Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope (LUT) collaboration with National Astronomical Observatories of China is making another major advance with co-sponsorship of a dedicated research fellow to analyze LUT data and publish scientific results.  Finally, the ILOA Human Moon Mission is poised to approach realization through a major international conference Galaxy Forum Hainan in China on 11-14 February 2020 with the theme ``Human Moon Landings \#7-11" and secondary theme ``Astronomy from the Moon".  The ILOA Galaxy Forum program has already hosted nearly 100 events in over 16 countries.  The First Women on the Moon initiative is another important component of the Human Moon Mission effort, now working with the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group, the Moon Village Association, the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs, and World Space Week.  Through collaboration with international space agencies, commercial enterprises, and potential participation in NASA's lunar program, ILOA is prepared to be a major contributor to the exploration of the Galaxy, Moon, and everything in-between.
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