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  • 2. SETI 2: SETI and Society


    1. SETI and International Space Law

    2. Evo-SETI quartics yielding ET Civilizations' Energy

    3. Why We'll Never Receive Encyclopaedia Galactica

    4. SETI and Post-Detection: Towards a New Research Roadmap

    5. The History of the IAA SETI Permanent Committee - 1980 to 1989

    6. Lessons from Studying Nonhuman Animal Communication

    7. InCosmiCon: A New Italian-Peruvian project about SETI and Big History

    8. K-Pop to the stars: The export of Korean pop music as an analog for embedded cultural artifacts in messages to extraterrestrial intelligence

    9. Chomsky in the cosmos: Lessons from neurolinguistics for the design of messages for extraterrestrial intelligence

    10. The Morality of Interstellar Messaging

    11. SETI@home: A Detailed Analysis and Study

    12. "We (do not) come in peace": The images of extraterrestrial life in contemporary conspiracy theories

    13. SETI Search: Plausibility of a SETI Probe and Search Parameters for an Interstellar SETI Search

    14. The Search for extra-terrestrial Life : A Review

    15. What Does Economics Have to Do with SETI?

    . Astropolitics and the Implications of belonging to an Extraterrestrial Polity

    . The search for Technosignatures: Humans vs artificial intelligence