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  • 4. Mitigation - Tools, Techniques and Challenges


    1. Debris mitigation, how to change an “ugly duckling” satellite in a “swan” satellite : the example of Microscope

    2. Long-term simulations to assess the effects of drag and solar sails on the space debris environment

    3. Kicking the space junk habit

    4. Environment capacity as an early mission design driver

    5. Environmental Sustainability of Large Satellite Constellations in Low Earth Orbit

    6. The H2020 ReDSHIFT project: a successful European effort towards space debris mitigation

    7. Comparison of Disposal Options for Tundra Orbits in Terms of Delta-V Cost and Long-Term Collision Risk

    8. Debris collision mitigation from the ground using laser guide star adaptive optics at Mount Stromlo Observatory: results from the first artificial star ever created in Australian skies

    9. DRAMA 3.0 - Upgrade of ESA’s Debris Risk Assessment and Mitigation Analysis Tool Suite

    10. Aerothermodynamics modelling of complex shapes in the DEBRISK atmospheric reentry tool: methodology and validation