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  • 8. Policy, Legal, Institutional and Economic Aspects of Space Debris Detection, Mitigation and Removal (Joint Session with IAF Space Security Committee)


    1. CNES towards future space traffic management

    2. Political and Institutional Challenges to Global Space Debris Mitigation

    3. Space Environment Management: Framing the Objective and Setting Priorities for Controlling Orbital Debris Risk

    4. the rise of small satellites constellations: economic analysis and political measures for orbital debris problems

    5. Mega constellations – Liability and Insurance Issues

    6. Mega-constellation analysis: reliability strategy and insurance policy

    7. Authorization and Continuous Supervision of Astroscale's De-orbit Activities: A Review of the Regulatory Environment for End of Life (EOL) and Active Debris Removal (ADR) Services

    8. space salvage & national efforts: policy and law impacting the validity of cleaning up orbital space

    9. Space Sustainability Rating: Towards an Assessment Tool to Assure the Long-Term Sustainability of the Space Environment

    10. International Liability and Responsibility in the Context of Space Debris Removal

    11. Matching Legal Liabilities with Technical Solutions to Geostationary Orbit Debris

    12. Legal Frameworks for Space Debris Mitigation: Examining State Practices and Treaty Obligations