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  • IP. Interactive Presentations - 17th IAA SYMPOSIUM ON SPACE DEBRIS


    1. Development of a UK National In-Orbit Servicing Facility

    2. research on commercial operation of space debris removal based on liability incentives and economic incentives

    3. Parallelizing Radar signal processing for space situational awareness in the GESTRA system – A hybrid approach

    4. Ground Operation Experimental system and Operation Experiment of Space Debris with Lasers

    5. The impact of large constellations on space debris environment and its Countermeasures

    6. Blockchain Enabled Space Traffic Awareness (BESTA)

    7. Design and simulations of a Phased Array Feed for the BIRALET radar.

    8. Improving LEO Debris Drag Prediction by Inferring Spin Axis

    9. A long-term dynamical evolution of large satellite constellation and space debris problem

    10. Research on Path Planning of Free-Floating Space Robot Based on Dual Mode Switching

    11. deep learning based space debris capture scoring study in on-orbit proximity operation

    12. design and test of drag augmentation system for de-orbiting kardsat nano-satellite

    13. Collision risk assessment for the proposed large constellations

    14. Enhancing the accuracy of the space object catalog using machine learning techniques

    15. Preliminary study of aramid fiber cloth removing the space debris

    16. Damage characteristics of Space Debris Shields by Simultaneous Impacts of Multiple High-Speed Projectiles

    17. LPUSAT - 1: A Pioneering Cubesat Mission to detect small sized Space Debris

    18. Model of atmospheric density gradient torque acted on Tiangong-1

    19. A Conjunction Risk Assessment of the Cubesat Swarms in the Sun-synchronous Orbit

    20. AI to Support Decision Making in Collision Risk Assessment

    21. SMARTnet and BACARDI

    22. Blowing space junk clouds away: the compliance of recommendations to a space debris removal new concept.

    . A high accuracy orbit prediction method for space debris based on latent force model

    . comparative study on large constellation de-Orbit strategies


    . Relative Orbital Element Methods for Conjunction Analysis

    . Space Debris Mitigation measures in ISRO

    . symmetrical hyperloop system for management and mitigation of space debris in low Earth orbit