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  • 4. Mobile Satellite Communications and Navigation Technology


    1. MDASat – a nanosatellite constellation to improve the South African maritime domain awareness capability

    2. Rubidium Pulsed Optically Pumped Clock for Navigation Satellites

    3. lightweight deployable X/Ku-band antenna for land-mobile satellite communication

    4. Next Generation Hybrid Satellite-5G Networks

    5. The evolutions of the Galileo Return Link Service

    6. Analyzing the soil condition for the Agriculture using GNSS

    7. The TARDIS experiment: an innovative VOR-based system for HAPS backup positioning and attitude determination

    8. Innovative tracking systems test on-board a stratospheric balloon: the STRAINS Experiment

    9. automated relative state determination in a multi-satellite array using gps with no ground stations

    10. Single-Satellite Real-Time Positioning of Balloon and Helicopter for Aerial Exploration in Extraterrestrial Atmosphere

    11. integrity enhancement method for airborne multi-Sensor assisted satellite navigation landing system