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  • 5. Advanced Satellite Services


    1. New Satellite Technologies Provide the Geographic Ubiquity Needed to Connect the Globe, Benefitting the SDGs, 5G, and the Digital Divide.

    2. EDRS-C – The second node of the European Data Relay System is in orbit

    3. The role for Earth Observation and IoT integration in the future management of water utility "smart grid" infrastructure

    4. Potential Future Deep Space Communication Technologies

    5. The Performace Analysis of DTN Communication Systems in Moon exploration program.

    6. Single-Satellite Real-Time Relative Positioning for Moon and Mars

    7. Trusted node satellite-QKD constellations with inter-satellite links

    8. Implementation of Fractal Antenna in Nanosatellites for Providing Internet Services to Rural Schools in Mexico

    9. Design of a detachable antenna system for Nano satellite ground station

    10. Successful Smart Material for Satellite Antenna

    11. Status and Development of GNSS Satellite-ground Coordinated Operation

    12. the development of wireless communication technology in the aerocraft application

    13. Vision-based Estimation of Dynamics for Space Debris Without Inertial Moments Known