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  • 2. Commercial Human Spaceflight Programs


    1. Human Spaceflight Continuity and the International Space Station

    2. commercial spaceflight beyond low earth orbit

    3. Mission Control Center to support commercial space missions and passenger’s activities inside of the cabin

    4. Space Excursionist (SE) Training for Spaceflight

    5. Development of a Novel Space Medicine Review Framework to Facilitate Safe Public Access to Suborbital Spaceflights

    6. Medical Guidelines for Commercial Human Spaceflight: A Review

    7. Future Commercial Human Space Program for People with Lower Limb Disabilities

    8. Human Spaceflight Mission Assurance in an Evolving Commercial Landscape

    9. Preparing the Atlas V Rocket for Human Spaceflight

    10. The interaction of industry and science in analog and on-board experiments as a potential for creating commercial innovations

    11. SpaceShipTwo: A Suborbital Vehicle for Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Research

    12. Investment Decision Model for a Commercially Owned and Operated Space Station in Low Earth Orbit