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  • Mission Control Center to support commercial space missions and passenger’s activities inside of the cabin

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    Mr. Taichi Yamazaki, Japan, ASTRAX, Inc.



    Normally, the operation control of private spacecraft is controlled by each spacecraft development and operations company.
    On the other hand, ASTRAX prepares spacecraft simulators and operation control center for each spacecraft in order to train and rehearse according to various missions and demands that customers do on the side of the cabin.
    As customers can not do the mission in spacecraft from the start, we will start training and rehearsing about 1 year ago using these facilities.
    Then, the real goal is to switch from the spacecraft simulator to the actual spacecraft, so as to perform operations on the mission to be done on the cabin side separately from the operations of the spacecraft itself.
    It is not like a System Operation Control Center but like a Payload Operation Control Center for the International Space Station (in fact it supports the customer's mission, not the experiments).
    When commercial space flight starts, how to respond to customer's request is the most important to space flight business.
    We will apply various knowledge and experiences to meet the customer's needs with the zero gravity flight service we have been conducting so far and plan to provide a well-organized support system for space flight services as well.
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