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  • 3. Small Satellite Operations


    1. BlockSat: on-demand access to shared-use satellite constellations

    2. Commissioning of the Optical Communication Downlink System OSIRISv1 on the University Small Satellite “Flying Laptop”

    3. Cloud-based modular E2E ground segment automation

    4. System-level autonomous decision-making for Earth Observation satellite systems

    5. Adaptive Coding and Modulation Scheme for Satellite Up- and Downlinks

    6. Abstracting CubeSat operations: a path to real CubeSat interoperability

    7. NewSpace - European Perspectives

    8. Collaborations between Academia and the Commercial Small Satellite Industry

    9. L.A.R.S. - Mobile ground station for CubeSat operations

    10. Small satellite operations planning for agile disaster response using graph theoretical techniques

    11. Data-driven Fault Detection and Isolation for Small Spacecraft

    12. End-of-Life Power Management on the Grace Satellites with several failed Battery Cells

    13. Small Robots for Big Missions: Examining the Potential for Smallsat-Based Dexterous Servicing Systems