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  • 4. Small Earth Observation Missions


    1. NovaSAR-1 - first year of operation

    2. proto-flight model test results of synthetic aperture radar for 100kg class small satellite

    3. Design of Payload Dataflow in a Hyperspectral Imaging Nanosatellite

    4. Highly integration of hyperspectral, thermal and artificial intelligence for the ESA PhiSat-1 mission

    5. CUAVA-1: Australia’s new Space Training Centre and CubeSat

    6. The ERNST mission: MWIR imaging and advanced technology demonstration in a 12 U nanosatellite

    7. the DMSAT-1 mission: primary instrument ‐ polarimeter characteristics and its earth observation applications

    8. Ten-Koh a small satellite mission to observe the LEO environment in the presence of a decreasing solar cycle

    9. Ionosphere observation and 3D mapping mission via CubeSat constellation; in-orbit operation results of the SPATIUM-I CubeSat.

    10. EcoBeltSat-1: The Belt and Road Satellite Project

    11. CUBESCOPE, the future of Satellite and Observational sectors in Mexico

    12. Development Strategies and Mission Studies for Taiwan’s New Small Earth Observation Satellite Constellation