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  • 6B. Generic Technologies for Nano/Pico Platforms


    1. Inflatable Antennas for Small Satellites

    2. Low Mass Articulated Boom for Small Satellites

    3. deployment mechanism for a l-band helix antenna in 1-unit cubesat

    4. On orbit inspection with CubeSats: state of the art and future prospective

    5. System Design Trade Off for a Quantum Channel between a LEO CubeSat and Optical Ground Station

    6. BIRDS-3 satellite project including the first satellites of Sri Lanka and Nepal

    7. gomx-5 – the enabler of tomorrow’s constellations

    8. A compact launch lock system for Cubesat-sized payloads

    9. On-orbit Robotic Assembly Testbed for Development of Orbital Structure Assembly Techniques in a CubeSat Form Factor

    10. Communications Subsystem Design and Operational Differences between Aistechsat-2 and Aistechsat-3

    11. BEESAT-5: A New Level of Satellite Miniaturization and Integration

    12. Implementation and Comparison of AES-RSA and AES-ECC Hybrid Encryption Schemes for Nanosatellites

    13. SIW Patch Antenna for Communication between Nanosatellites in Launch Tubes

    14. Significance of 3U CubeSat OrigamiSat-1 for Space Demonstration of Multifunctional Deployable Membrane

    15. Upper-stage Autonomous CubeSat Propulsion Module for Affordable Access to Earth Orbit