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  • 7. Constellations and Distributed Systems


    1. A new dimension in Small Satellite Constellations

    2. Arctic Digital Infrastructure Gaps: Opportunities for NewSpace

    3. earth observation constellations of small & micro satellites versus new aerial and ground distributed systems

    4. Cubesat Constellation for Space Radiation Measurements (CCSRM)

    5. Conceptual design of a lunar GNSS constellation based on CubeSat technology

    6. Communication System of LEO CubeSat Constellation for Disaster Response

    7. CYGNSS, an 8-micro Satellite Constellation, Enters Extended Mission

    8. End-to-end space system demonstration concepts for a distributed SAR by small formation flying satellites

    9. TIM: An International Nano-Satellite Formation for Photogrammetric Earth Observation

    10. white paper: CosmoX federated satellite systems inter-satellite communication network to enable real-time earth observation

    11. Towards End to End Design of Spacecraft Swarms for Small-Body Reconnaissance

    12. Low latency IoT/M2M using Nano-satellites

    13. An assessment of IoT via satellite: Technologies, Services and Possibilities

    14. TUBiX-10 — Design and Flight Experience of a Nanosatellite Bus for Distributed Missions

    15. Design for Cross-Platform Compatibility and Reliability in Distributed Deep Space Architectures Controlled by the LEO Multi-Purpose Command and Control Mission