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  • 8. Small Spacecraft for Deep-Space Exploration


    1. KEYNOTE: MarCO: Flight Results from the First Interplanetary CubeSat Mission

    2. SmallSat Aerocapture: Breaking the Rocket Equation to Enable a New Class of Planetary Missions

    3. Systems Design of MARIO: a stand-alone 16U CubeSat to Mars

    4. Lunar IceCube: Pioneering Technologies for Interplanetary Small Satellite Exploration

    5. Telecommunications Systems Testing and Ground-Compatibility Verification for EM-1 CubeSat Missions

    6. LunIR: A CubeSat Spacecraft Performing Advanced Infrared Imaging of the Lunar Surface

    7. Moon Cubesat Hazard Assessment (MOOCHA) – Proposing an International Earth-Moon Small Satellite Constellation

    8. Challenges in LICIA Cubesat trajectory design to support DART mission science

    9. Development and Testing of an Engineering Model for an Asteroid Hopping Robot

    10. Capabilities of a Nano-LIDAR for Future Reconnaissance Missions to NEOs

    11. Feasibility and Preliminary Design of a ChipSat Planetary Entry Mission to Investigate the Atmosphere of Venus

    12. Flights are Ten a Sail – Re-use and Commonality in the Design and System Engineering of Small Spacecraft Solar Sail Missions with Modular Hardware for Responsive and Adaptive Exploration

    13. Planetary Exploration Using CubeSat Deployed Sailplanes

    14. Mars Small-Spacecraft Human Exploration Resource Prospector with Aero-braking (SHERPA): Demonstrating an End-to-End Mission to Phobos Distant Retrograde Orbit