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  • IP. Interactive Presentations - IAF SPACE OPERATIONS SYMPOSIUM


    1. Sardinia Deep Space Antenna: Current Program Status and Results

    2. On Improving an Embedded Solution for the ASAP Autonomous Planning System

    3. artificial intelligence meets mission control: theory and application of dynamic bayesian networks

    4. Onboard Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Enhancing SmallSat Constellations

    5. Antenna Scheduling and Deconfliction Using Multi-Objective Optimization for Multiple Missions

    6. Autonomous Security Bot for Space Operations: Challenges and benefits

    7. CubeSat Energy Modelling for Improved Mission Planning and Operations

    8. Automatic mission plan generator system

    9. Using UX design techniques to increase the efficiency and confidence of mission operators

    10. The Analysis and Potential of High Reliability Organization Principles in NOAA Satellite Operations

    11. Optimized Contact Scheduling for NOAA Search and Rescue

    12. Design of GUI for cost-effective attitude analysis of satellite

    13. Geostationary Satellite lifetime maximization by controlling propellant tank temperatures - an operational case.