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  • 5. Propulsion Technology (2)


    1. Aerodynamic Interactions of Ion Thruster Plume Plasmas in Very Low Earth Orbit

    2. Robust Transient Control of Reusable Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engines

    3. novel propellant feed system for chemical in-space propulsion

    4. Development and Qualification of a High Performance Solid Strapon Motor

    5. computational study of aerospike engines for reusable rocket systems

    6. Implementation of Additive Manufacturing for the Design & Development of the Jessie & James Liquid Rocket Engines

    7. Ultra-High-Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites for Hybrid Rocket Nozzles

    8. Updates on the Development of a Water Electrolysis Propulsion System

    9. Investigation on the Consequences of Employing Dual Throat Micronozzle in Microsatellite Propulsion

    10. A newly developed high performance ADN based monopropellant with a safety evaluation

    11. experimental study of ablation characteristics of hafnium-based composites in the hybrid rocket nozzle

    12. Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study on the Atomization Characteristics of Impinging Liquid Jets Coupled with Forced Perturbation

    . Overview of SFBTRR40:Fundamental Technologies for Development of Future Space-Transport-System Components