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  • IP. Interactive Presentations - IAF SPACE PROPULSION SYMPOSIUM


    1. transient simulation of the ignition over-pressure phenomenon in the altitude test of the staged-combustion-cycle rocket engine

    2. Parametric Performance Evaluation of Liquid Injection Thrust Vector Control in Hybrid Rockets

    3. Analysis of operating diagram for kerosene / oxygen-enriched air rotating detonation combustors under lean fuel condition

    4. project ice rabbit: integrated liquid oxygen/liquid methane propulsion system for future planet exploration vehicle

    5. Preliminary Design of High Speed Test Facility for Counterflow jet Experiments Reducing Heat and Drag

    6. Effect of residual strain on structural integrity of SRM grain during ignition

    7. Ejector Developing of Vacuum Ignition Test System for Upper-stage LH2-LOX Rocket Engines

    8. Ring Rockets

    9. Development of Adaptable Electrodeless Plasma Propulsion Systems Using Evolutionary Topology Optimisation and Particle in Cell Simulation

    10. The P-5 Engine: A Costa Rican, Cost-effective, Low Power Liquid Rocket Engine

    11. Experimental Investigation on Drag Reduction by Plasma Counterflow Jets in Mach 7 Shock Tunnel

    12. plasma assisted nitrous oxide direct thermal \\decomposition and combustion for hybrid rocket

    13. Optimum Design of LOX Recirculation System in KSLV-II 1st stage

    14. development and validation of high-performance hypergolic hybrid rocket fuel ignitor with hydrogen peroxide

    15. Development and Testing of a High-Performance 3D Printed Inconel Resistojet

    16. Plume Simulation of HAN Thruster for Green Propellant Application

    17. Innovative VRD Solution for Deep Space Missions

    18. The LH2/LOX cryogenic propulsion technology for future deep space exploration

    19. The cryogenic propulsion technology for future deep space exploration

    20. Determination of Composite Solid Propellant Relaxation Modulus Master Curves From Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

    21. The IPG6-B as a research facility to support future development of electric propulsion

    22. Overview of Research on Nuclear Thermal Rocket Nozzles at OSU

    23. characterization of an adaptive hall thruster

    24. Influence rule and global sensitivity analysis of parameters during cure process of SRM composite case

    25. numerical simulation study on oxidation coking of hydrocarbon fuel in the presence of electrostatic field

    26. experimental and numerical study on charging properties of cigarette granules under electrostatic field

    27. effect of combustion on supersonic film cooling by hydrocarbon

    28. the effect of the regenerative cooling process on the supersonic combustion inside a strut-based supersonic combustor

    29. On The Effects Of Thermoacoustics on Soot Formation and Flame Instability

    30. Study of Dual-Catalytic Bed Scale-Up Parameters for High Test Hydrogen Peroxide Thrusters

    31. combustion and propulsive characteristics of potential hybrid rocket propellant


    33. Preliminary evaluation of Engine Health Monitoring for Hall thruster

    34. The Effect of fuel length on the regression rate in swirling-oxidizer-flow-type hybrid rocket using a liquefying fuel

    35. Electric propulsion’s rational application range on the small spacecrafts