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  • 3. Upper Stages, Space Transfer, Entry and Landing Systems


    1. Earth Aerobraking Architectures for a Reusable Upper Stage

    2. The ADEO Passive De-Orbit Subsystem Analysis, Breadboarding & Critical Design: Paving the way for a In Orbit Demonstration in 2020+

    3. Trajectory simulations and sensitivity for the SPEAR parachute test vehicle

    4. Performance Evaluation and Applications of Flexible Legged Landing System

    5. Autopilot Design of a Lifting Body Glider Launched from a High Altitude Balloon

    6. Atmospheric Neural Net Application to Martian Entry, Descent, and Landing

    7. Multidisciplinary Optimisation of Future Reusable Space Vehicle.

    8. System design of multipurpose reusable orbiter suitable for small launch vehicle

    9. The Orion-European Service Module: One last small Step up to Qualification

    10. A Systematic Assessment and Comparison of Reusable First Stage Return Options

    11. Development of an Autonomous Orbital Payload Module for Soyuz-2 LV.