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    1. Development of KSLV-II and flight test of its one staged test vehicle employing newly developed main engine(KRE-75)

    2. the design and development of a medium-scale liquid commercial launch vehicle named zq-2 based on liquid oxygen and liquid methane propulsion system

    3. Multidisciplinary design analysis of a semi-reusable two-stage-to-orbit small payload launch system

    4. Lessons and Learns of Launching Test Launch Vehicle of KSLV-II concerning Launch Complex Development

    5. Orbit Transfer Analysis with a 3D Vis-Viva Equation

    6. Lightning Protection System: current strategy and evolutions

    7. suboptimal rocket landing guidance using model predictive static programming

    8. Comparative analysis of upper stage and built-in propulsion system for GEO satellite launches

    9. Feasibility of an automated streamlined body for launch vehicles and Leo transportation

    10. Autophage nanolauncher - a solid SSTO launch vehicle

    11. Nanosats and Suborbital Feasible Missions from a Brazilian Launch Center

    12. Overview of Avionics Architecture on Stand-alone Test Launch Vehicle (TLV), Second Stage of Korea Space Launch Vehicle-II (KSLV-II)

    13. A Study on Mission Design Framework of Reusable Vehicles for Potential Human Spaceflight in LEO

    14. Mission Control as a Service - A Turn Key Solution in Space Communications

    15. SAAOPL System: Its Design and Technical Feasibility Study

    16. Design and development of a Brazilian Liquid Engine Sounding Rocket to Train Launch Operations.

    17. Multi-Disciplinary Analysis of Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO):SKYLON Spaceplane

    . Guidance system design and verification for the small commercial rocket

    . Technical Improvement of Launch Vehicle Control System for Chang'e 4 Mission