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  • 2B. Systems and Infrastructures to Implement Sustainable Space Development and Settlement - Technologies


    1. Emerging and Disruptive Technology Assessment for NASA Exploration Mission Challenges

    2. Experimental assessment of I3DS performances: a suite of sensors for on-orbit rendezvous

    3. Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL) Technology Investments within NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD)

    4. In Space Manufacturing and Assembly : Yes we can!

    5. NASA’s In-Space Manufacturing Project: Update on Manufacturing Technologies and Materials to Enable More Sustainable and Safer Exploration

    6. A Game-Changing Space System Interface Enabling Multiple Modular and Building Block-Based Architectures for Orbital and Exploration Missions

    7. Key Technologies, Systems, and Infrastructure Enabling the 
Commercialization and Human Settlement of the Moon and Cislunar Space

    8. In Situ Resource Utilization - Analogues for a Lunar Constructed Magnetron via 3D Printing and Microwave Casting

    9. Multipurpose Cassegrain System

    10. A technological trade-off analysis for asteroids mining through chemical processes

    11. Coatings on metals and plastics for lunar habitats and equipment

    12. Agriculture at a Permanent Mars Settlement

    . Feasibility Study of a Kilometer Solar Array using Discrete Lattice Materials and Distributed Mobile Robots