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  • 1. Quality and safety, a challenge for traditional and new space


    1. Integrated Safety Analysis: A Tool for the Safe Operations of Complex Adaptive Systems

    2. PaTaS: Quality Assurance for Model-driven Software Development

    3. Qualification ready flight software using module-in-the-loop verification and automated test execution at the example of SALSAT satellite software

    4. the main stakes of the cnes’s safety Policy for space operations

    5. A Safety Monitoring Method for Non-Deterministic Functions in Mission Critical Tasks from the Commercial Drone Industry

    6. Implementation of space systems safety requirements during the AMAZONIA-1 and CBERS-04A satellites´ project phases

    7. Design for Reliability in Pre-Development: Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery for Autonomous and Human Missions in the Sun – Earth – Moon System

    8. Multi-Objective Optimization for habitats in extreme environments

    9. Model-Based Safety Analysis (MBSA) Methods in Aerospace Applications

    10. Auto-coding Data Type Framework for the OSRA Using Modern C++

    11. Τhe need for process monitoring in in-space manufacturing