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  • 1. Commercial Spaceflight Safety and Emerging Issues


    1. Informed Consent and the UK Space Industry Act 2018

    2. Streamlining FAA Commercial Space Transportation Regulations

    3. Update on UK Regulatory Reform – Enabling Commercial Spaceflight from the UK by the early 2020’s

    4. Beware of the hybrids: Legal issues of air launches

    5. Towards a NearSpace Operation Management

    6. Surface to Space Integration: Mixed Use of the Aerospace Domain

    7. FAA’s Proposed Consequence Protection Criteria for Flight Safety Systems and Flight Abort for Commercial Space Transportation

    8. Appoaches to and methods for the integration of space traffic into air traffic

    9. achieving technical standards for commercial human spaceflights: analogies from a history of aviation

    10. Detecting Unknown and Underappreciated (UU) Risks in the Private Sector of Space Operations and Safety

    11. Review of the 2014 FAA Recommended Practices for Commercial Spaceflight Crew Safety.

    12. Challenges of Integrating Commercial Spaceflight Operations into the National Airspace System