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  • Update on UK Regulatory Reform – Enabling Commercial Spaceflight from the UK by the early 2020’s

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    Mr. Tobias Lin, United Kingdom, UK Space Agency


    Mr. Andrew Ratcliffe, United Kingdom, UK Space Agency


    Mr. Colin Macleod, United Kingdom, UK Space Agency



    Driven by UK Government’s commitment to space growth described in its National Space Policy, the UK must be ready to license its first domestic commercial launches as early as 2020. 
    The advent of the Space Industry Bill means the UK Government’s regulatory powers over spaceflight activity have increased significantly. The UK Space Agency, together with its co-regulators, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Health & Safety Executive, have been developing a new regulatory framework and licensing service to support the first commercial spaceflight operators.
    In 2018 the UK Space Agency presented the status of the development of the regulatory framework, including a review of the UK international obligations, insight into the type of space activities that will be regulated and the approach that will be taken in establishing the new regulator. Over the past year, the UK Space Agency alongside its co-regulators have continued to develop its regulatory framework. Key activities that have been performed over the past year and will be presented in this paper include :
    \begin{itemize}\item Deep-dive into the form, fit and function of the future Regulator\end{itemize}
    \begin{itemize}\item Establishing a framework of training opportunities to up-skill the team of the developing regulator\end{itemize}
    \begin{itemize}\item Implementation of a series of plenary events to develop the understanding of the industry actors on topics such as ALARP\end{itemize}
    \begin{itemize}\item Public release of the UK’s initial consideration of risk assessment methodologies for flight safety and ground safety for activities associated with launch\end{itemize}
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