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  • 1. Ignition - Primary Space Education


    1. KEYNOTE: STEM Education: Lessons learned from the Challenger Center

    2. Building a Cansat in the Classroom

    3. From Concept to Reality: A Uniquely Designed Project Based Learning Wind Tunnel and its Impact on K-12 Students

    4. Training and Engaging the Next Generation of Space Scientists and Engineers through the Space Explorers Program

    5. An Elementary School Program to Promote STEM Education Leading to a Student-Designed Suborbital Spaceflight Experiment

    6. Transforming STEAM Outreach from Low Earth Orbit to Cislunar Space: Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) to the Lunar Orbiting Platform-Gateway

    7. Using puppets, Skype and Space to introduce STEM in Rainbow House Educational childcare facility, in Jobstown, Ireland

    8. Earth Observatory for Kids - Making NASA Data Accessible to Our Young Earthlings

    9. Our girls into the wonders of the Cosmos