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  • 4. In Orbit - Postgraduate Space Education


    1. KEYNOTE: Experience and Findings by Kyushu Institute of Technology to Have a Successful Space Capacity Building Program

    2. “Satellite Technology”: An International, Interdisciplinary Master Program with Focus on Hands-on Experiences

    3. The successful experience of internationalmaster program on space technology and application

    4. The Italian-Kenyan International Postgraduate Course in “Capacity Building in Astronautics”

    5. Postgraduate Space Education for Military Space Professionals: A Case Study of the Schriever Scholars Space Concentration

    6. TupperSats: Thinking Inside the Box for Space Systems Engineering

    7. Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Education Program on Space Robotics and Planetary Exploration Technologies within the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart

    8. Kuwait University CubeSat-1

    9. 10 Years in Space Law: Lessons in Educating Post-Doctoral Students in Space Law

    10. report on 7-years' experience of satellite instrument development project course

    11. 11 years of Hands-on experience on Space Education at Vigo University through 4 Cubesats projects following Systems Engineering ESA-ECSS standards