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  • Measuring the Impact of Space Data on Social Issues

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    Prof. Jeanne Holm, United States


    Mr. Richard Kerby, United Arab Emirates


    Ms. Katherine Townsend, United States, Harvard University



    The availability and use of space data is a growing opportunity to help new countries become more savvy with the technologies and outcomes of space exploration. The authors have created a unique training program to provide access to and the use of open space data in countries in Africa and the Middle East. Seven national events, training sessions, and national hackathons were created in Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.  
    More than 4000 people have been trained through these programs and hundreds of projects have been created in the hackathons, many of which use open space data. These projects using satellite data range from topics on improving agriculture, fighting corruption, reducing poverty, and mitigating the impact of climate change. Partnerships with local universities, the national government, and tech companies and startups are crucial to ensuring the success of these events, and the ability for the young people who are trained to find employment or start their ventures.
    This paper identifies the most useful type of open space data and effective training methods, particularly in looking at the global south, developing countries, and new entrants to the aerospace field.
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