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  • 7. New Worlds - Non-Traditional Space Education and Outreach


    1. Effective Engagement Strategies for Underserved Minorities and Rural Regions: A Case Study in Newfoundland, Canada

    2. HoloGLOBE Augmented Reality for ICESat-2 Mission Outreach

    3. Engaging the Five Senses in Space Through Arizona State University's Interplanetary Initiative

    4. ESA_Lab Demonstrator Project: IGLUNA

    5. language cards for nasa's james webb space telescope

    6. Instagram in Space and how engaging the public through social media is essential to New Space

    7. TEKNOFEST Istanbul Aerospace and Technology Festival and its key role in realizing “National Technology Initiative”

    8. Space science instruction above the Arctic Circle. A model for remote areas.

    9. Planet watch: Russian nationwide aerospace education program

    10. Utilizing Suborbital Space for Expanding Public Awareness Through Sending Personalized Items to Space

    11. Measuring the Impact of Space Data on Social Issues

    12. the possum 13: honoring the mercury 13, female possum scientist-astronaut candidate ambassadors create STEM opportunity and representation for young students

    13. The Most Empowering Form of Science Engagement: Play