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  • Utilizing Suborbital Space for Expanding Public Awareness Through Sending Personalized Items to Space

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    Mr. Hamed Gamal, Czech Republic


    Mr. David Hubert, Poland


    Ms. Ksenia Lisitsyna, Russian Federation, Precious Payload



    This paper offers the chance to  get closer to unusual non-technological potential payloads which are meant to be sent to suborbital space. The commercialization of space nowadays offers a great chance for such market to prosper and to have a boost in its value. This research was done by Suboritality; a suborbital rocketry company  offering launch services includes the launch of scientific experiments (e.g. meteorology, biology, astronomy, solar, physics, and medicine), microgravity experiments, flight testing of satellite and other spacecraft hardware, novelty items, and for media and PR purposes. The latest had surprisingly been of the highest demand among the other categories of payloads which initiated this research to take place.
    In this paper the results and statistics of this research will be presented alongside the steps taken to host such payloads and pave the way to many others to have a chance to be sent to space. The precautions as well taken into considerations to avoid any incidents and manage the sent payloads in terms of safety and comparability with the space perspective. These efforts are foreseen to eventually have a huge impact in terms of capacity building towards space, increasing the public awareness and encouraging what's beyond citizen sciences to be sent to space.
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