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  • 1. International cooperation in using space for sustainable development: Towards a “Space2030” agenda


    1. Forging partnerships among users and space solution providers

    2. From Dubai Declaration to Post UNISPACE+50 Resolution: UAE Approach to foster and measure space role as driver of global socio-economic development

    3. Priority Items for the United Nations Space2030 Agenda from the Perspective of the Economic South

    4. Space Supporting Sustainable Development in Africa: Views from the Continent

    5. Inventory of Country Space Capabilities: Mapping How Each Nation Can Contribute (In Its Own Way) to a Space 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda

    6. ESA and the Arctic - the European Space Agency's contributions to a sustainable Arctic

    7. Comprehensive Capacity building derived from international cooperation on remote sensing: case study

    8. Mapping of the worldwide activities and partnerships within the Space Generation Advisory Council Project Groups in the frame of Sustainable Development Goals and Space2030 Agenda

    9. easar: russian private initiative to contribute to sustainable development

    10. Bringing Space to the Non-Space Community: Toward Sustainability and the Space2030 Agenda

    11. Capacity building initiatives: the contribution of the Italian Space Agency to the sustainable development goals

    12. The role of emerging space nations in supporting sustainable development and economic growth