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  • 4. Assuring a Safe, Secure and Sustainable Environment for Space Activities


    1. First fruits of the Long-Term Sustainability discussions in UN COPUOS: From guideline development to guideline implementation

    2. Assessing the Emerging Need for a European Approach to Space Traffic Management

    3. Implications of Emerging Space Nation Stakeholder Preferences for Future Space Traffic Management System Architecture

    4. Industry Implementation of the Long-Term Sustainability Guidelines: An Astroscale Perspective

    5. The Critical Role of Norm-Building and Collaboration in “Standardized, Safe, and Sustainable” Commercial On-Orbit Satellite Servicing (OOS)

    6. For Establishing Space Governance: De-packageing the Arguments

    7. Towards Norms of Behavior: Outcomes of the Summit for Space Sustainability

    8. Overcoming Sovereignty for Space Traffic Management

    9. Private and public cooperation in SST in support of an effective STM system

    10. International Space Reference Architecture (ISRA)

    11. The way forward to ICSO : an International Organization to handle a sustainable Space Traffic Management.

    12. Active Debris Removal: Legal, Policy and Economic Aspects