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  • Industry Implementation of the Long-Term Sustainability Guidelines: An Astroscale Perspective

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    Mrs. Charity Weeden, United States, ASTROSCALE JAPAN Inc.


    Ms. Luc Riesbeck, United States, Space Policy Institute, George Washington University


    Mr. Chris Blackerby, Japan, ASTROSCALE JAPAN Inc.


    Mr. Nobu Okada, Singapore, Republic of, Astroscale Holdings Inc.


    Ms. Eriko Yamamoto, Japan, ASTROSCALE JAPAN Inc.


    Dr. Jason Forshaw, United Kingdom, Astroscale Ltd


    Mr. John Auburn, United Kingdom, Astroscale Ltd



    In 2010, the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) established a Long-term Sustainability (LTS) Working Group (WG) dedicated to developing a set of voluntary practices that members could adopt. The LTS WG deliberated for 8 years, developing 21 Guidelines and a preamble text. These guidelines are not only useful for state actors, but also for private industry as space congestion and orbital debris issues continue to grow, and as space operations become more complex.  Indeed, the space industry has a responsibility to be engaged in the development of norms of behaviour in space. Industry implementation of the LTS guidelines, as well as developing and adhering to industry norms and standards will be necessary in order to grow successful businesses in space.  Astroscale is involved in several efforts to set standards and norms but is also incorporating and implementing the LTS WG guidelines where applicable. This paper will highlight which LTS guidelines are most relevant for Astroscale's End of Life (EOL) and Active Debris Removal (ADR) services and provide concrete examples and plans for implementation.  Finally, the paper will discuss additional industry guidelines on topics that were not covered by the LTS WG but are being deliberated through formal or informal and ad hoc groups.
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