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  • Australian Space Agency - a brand story drawing on Australia's past, present and future.

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    Ms. Sian Keys, Australia, Australian Space Agency


    Mr. Karl Rodrigues, Australia, Australian Space Agency



    Indigenous Australians are Australia’s first scientists and astronomers, and their knowledge and contributions to Australian science are reflected through the new Australian Space Agency brand.
    At first glance, the logo appears as a satellite view of Australia. The dots allude to the light created from human life and industry, which the Australian Space Agency will support.
    However, closer inspection reveals this isn’t an abstract view looking down on Australia from space. It’s actually what Australians see when they look to the skies. 
    The brand is a result of consultation with members of Australian Indigenous communities and Indigenous astronomy experts. Many of the constellations have stories and meanings to multiple Indigenous communities across Australia.
    This presentation encompasses the process of developing the brand for the Australian Space Agency, an Agency which was launched on 1 July 2018. The brand story draws on the scientific knowledge of Indigenous Australians – Australia’s first scientists and astronomers, and reminds us that we are here to serve our nation, honour our past and build the future.
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