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  • IP. Interactive Presentations - 30th IAA SYMPOSIUM ON SPACE AND SOCIETY


    1. Preserving and sharing aerospace history through cross generational and interactive collaborative activities

    2. SCRUM and the Art of International Space Law

    3. Space satellites for a healthy Earth

    4. Technical and economic assessment of ISRU and non-ISRU lunar habitat radiation shield

    5. A case study of human factor & anthropological investigations in space mission simulations and analogs.

    6. Space solution to world’s water crisis: a case study with remote sensing, science and technology in synergy

    7. Australian Space Agency - a brand story drawing on Australia's past, present and future.

    8. Astro-Tourisms: A Concept and Possibility In Nepal

    9. UAE Space Agency efforts on spreading awareness of the UAE Space Sector

    10. Without Space

    11. Human Sustainability by Space Engineering