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  • 5-GTS.1. Entrepreneurship Around the World


    1. Introducing a Technical Feasibility Framework for a Commercialized, Low-Latitude SpacePort in Costa Rica

    2. Analysis of the NewSpace market in the 21st Century - A Proposal For a NewSpace Actor Classification System and Environment Assessment Framework

    3. Space Entrepreneurship in Iran

    4. Planetary Protection Issues of Private Endeavours in Research, Exploration, and Human Access to Space: a Pilot Stated Preference Valuation Study

    5. A study of how to implement innovative space projects in the bitcoin era

    6. ASTRAX Universal Services Platform By Using Blockchain Technology

    7. Managing the risk of the space projects from the perspective of newspace SME. Burden of changing landscape

    8. Challenges and the conquering thereof in the space industry in South Africa

    9. Spaceoneers: Enabling a new generation of space pioneers

    10. The challenges in funding space and innovation and the unique programmes and solutions within lesser developed African countries.

    11. What Does it Take to Run a New Space Startup? An Empirical Study on the Challenges and Opportunities in the European New Space Market