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  • 3. National Space Legislation – Harmonisation and Enforcement


    1. The Fragmentation of International Space Law

    2. Scoping National Space Law: The True Meaning of ‘National Activities in Outer Space’ of Article VI of the Outer Space Treaty

    3. What Level of Detail in National Space Legislation is Ideal for the Harmonization and Enforcement of Such Legislation and International Space Law?

    4. Emerging Provisions of Domestic Space Law

    5. The role of intergovernmental organisations in assisting the development and implementation of national space law: an exploration of the rationale, mandate and limits as exemplified by the European Space Agency

    6. Emerging Economies' Contributions to Space Activities and Legislation

    7. National Legislation for Space Activities in the Space Emerging Countries The case of the United Arab Emirates

    8. Space Legislation of Luxembourg

    9. The Space Industry Act 2018: Unlocking the UK Space Economy?

    10. India’s national space bill– does it need a holistic touch?

    11. To Shape National Space Law in the Context of Implementing the Military-Civilian Integration Strategy in China

    12. National space legislations challenged by on-orbit services in the context of new space. Limits, current solutions and international perspectives

    13. Investment protection provisions in national legislation and their potential to ensure long-term compliance of national space legislation with the principles of international law, particularly international space law

    14. When Space Liability in the Space Treaties Trickles Down to National Space Legislation

    15. Third Party Liability in Cross-Border Space Business: A Comparative Risk Assessment for Space Companies and Legal Practitioners

    16. Legal Basis for a State's Use of Police Power Against Non-Nationals to Enforce its National Space Legislation and Responsibilities Imposed by the Outer Space Treaty

    17. A tale of two space authorities: The interplay between NASA and the National Space Council

    . National Laws and the Delimitation of Outer Space: Converging on Consensus?

    . New space law and regulation in Australia

    . To Assure or not to Assure: the Content of the International Responsibility of States for National Space Activities