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  • IP. Interactive Presentations - IISL COLLOQUIUM ON THE LAW OF OUTER SPACE


    1. Promoting transformation throughout the space mining cycle.

    2. Closed for Operations: Non-Interference Zones and the Cadence of the New Space Race

    3. Does Space Start at 80 km? Revisiting the Karman Line

    4. re-discovering the boundary problem

    5. General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union——A New challenge for the framework of WTO

    6. Small satellites and regulation: a general overview with a specific reference to the Italian context.

    7. The New-Space Law: The UAE Space Legislation Approach to enable space privatization and long-term sustainability

    8. the space development in Asia: analysis of regional space organizations

    9. Brazil and USA: The Technology Safeguard Agreement to open Alcantara Launch Center to the global market

    10. The Issues of Key Concern regarding Space Mining: Revisit of the Moon Agreement from the Chinese Perspective

    11. Relevance of Militarized Artificial Intelligence to Sovereignty in Space: Legal Challenges and Conflicts

    12. Criminal Law appliable on space.

    13. Can a non-functional facility on the Moon become Res nullius and be occupied by a subsequent state? Analyzing the limitation on the State Jurisdiction and Ownership over facilities constructed on the Moon.

    14. Transitioning into higher-airspace traffic management (HATM) and space traffic management (STM)

    15. Who Owns this Space? A Survey of Space Industry Leaders and Legal Experts Assessing Space Property Rights Issues and Potential Resolutions

    16. National mining regimes: an analysis of their need and effectiveness for successful and compliant space mining

    17. The Legal History of the Bogotá Declaration: Contesting the Meaning of “Humanity” from the Global South

    18. Oumuamua: Applying A Multi-Messenger Approach to Fundamental Legal and Ethical Issues for Developing Governing Frameworks on Space Mining

    19. Partial Ownership for Outer Space Economy

    20. Potential disputes arising from space activities: Opportunities for investment arbitration

    21. The existence of gaps in international space law leads to misunderstandings among spacefaring countries

    22. A Third Way - New Approaches to Space Resource Governance

    . Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Space: Examining the Legal Ramifications of AI in Aerospace

    . Australia’s position in respect of regulation of space mining

    . Legal aspects of space mining

    . National vs. International law – Battle of the Titans

    . Sharm el-Sheikh Preview: Creating Space Law to Enable Space Application Innovation at WRC-19

    . The United States' Journey in Space Mining: First Steps in Regulatory Implementation

    . Why International Law Cannot Afford to be Subjugated to National Law, State Power or the Proverbial "Powers that Be": The Case of Space Mining