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  • IPB. Interactive Presentations - IAF SPACE EXPLORATION SYMPOSIUM


    1. Novel Design Requirements for Nano Lunar Rovers

    2. Utilization of Stereolithography-based Additive Manufacturing Approach for Manufacturing of Lunar Regolith Ceramics

    3. In-Situ Detection of Planetary Rover Catastrophic Failures using Machine Learning

    4. A systems-level approach to extracting oxygen from lunar regolith via Molten Regolith Electrolysis.

    6. De - Centralized Network for Co-ordinated Lunar Robotic Activity

    7. A power and communication link between the lunar surface and lunar caverns for exploring robots.

    8. A comparative technical analysis on the occurrence, abundance, and prospection of water ice on the Lunar and Martian exteriorities.

    9. Basalt fiber composites for the robotic fabrication of a lunar habitat

    10. Thermal Analysis of an Moon Village concept

    11. Effectiveness of Fixed Grouser Protrusions to Perforated Base Structure for Lunar Rover Wheels

    12. CubeR - A Solution for Lunar Exploration

    13. Artemis Lunar Student Drill: A novel drill searching for lunar volatiles in the Lunar South Pole

    14. Malapert Mountain: Moon High Ground Point E Awaits Landers

    15. Lunar Asset Messaging and On Orbit Navigation

    16. Mission opportunity search of near-Earth asteroids round-trip missions from lunar orbits

    18. Moon exploration acceleration : the concept of the flight data recorder for Space missions

    19. Lunar Exosphere: Discoveries, unresolved questions and new challenges

    20. Development of a Low Gravity Airbearing Surface

    22. Analysis of Approaches to Ensuring the Return of a Segmental-Conical Shape Re-entry Vehicle from a Lunar Orbit without Destruction of the Thermal Protection Coating

    23. Mission Architecture of a Helium-3 Lunar Mining Mission

    24. Lunar Leaper: A locomotive vehicle for expanded outreach of lunar environment with dual operations

    25. Water mapping neutron spectrometer HardPix for EL3 Polar Explorer

    26. the impact of slip and rover mobility implementation constraints on planetary rover path planning

    27. High-fidelity Robust 3-D Lunar Environment Generation Platform for Micro-rover Simulation-based Tasks

    28. Asteroid Impactor Sample Return Mission Concept

    29. Hazard Detection & Avoidance Integration and Demonstration for Autonomous Moon Landing

    30. Soil Penetration Darts (SPDs) for Deep Soil Sampling

    31. Robust place recognition with Gaussian Process Gradient Maps for teams of robotic explorers in challenging lunar environments

    32. Radio-Localization and Multi-Robot Technologies for Low-Frequency Radio Arrays: Results from a Space Analogue Campaign on Mt. Etna

    34. Study on Planum Boreum Martian Ice-column distribution using a combination of mid-UV and RGB band from Emirates Exploration Imager (EXI)

    35. Martian Interior Investigation Using Distributed Geodetic Sensor Network in the Tharsis Region of Mars

    36. Phase-A Design of a Mars South Pole Exploration Mission: MARS PENGUIN

    37. Rubitics: The Smarter GCMS for Mars

    38. Development of a space dosimetry payload for the Mars Sample Return Earth Return Orbiter

    39. VaMi - an Exploration of Valles Marineris

    40. Automated wheel slip detection through cross-correlation of wheel rotation rate, motor current and wheel force sensors

    41. Vision-based Navigation supported by Convolutional Neural Networks for Lunar and Planetary Landing Missions

    42. Feasibility study for lunar resources transport and delivery through a Path Clearance Vehicle (PCV)

    43. Inside&vertical farming on mars

    44. Autonomous Perception and Terrain Reconstruction of Unstructured Lunar Complex Environment: A Review

    45. Analisys of the Electromagnetic Behavior of Lunar Soil for Future Mobile Telecommunication Systems in the 1-6 GHz Frequency Band

    46. Proof-of-Concept Tabletop Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer Instrument (TDLAS) for the Detection of H2O(v) in Lunar Regolith for the Canadian Multipurpose Autonomous Penetrator for Lunar Exploration (MAPLE) Project